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We are all in this together.

While some states have started closing businesses to stop the spread of this virus, we, located in North Carolina are still open and operating at this time. We continue to follow the information and guidelines issued by the CDC and our Government Officials as it relates to allowing those employees who can do so to work from home, and for those employees that choose to work during this time who's job requires attendance we have implemented the social distancing programs outlined by our government. 

We are a very small company. We have made attendance volutary at this time. Employees who do not feel well are encouraged to stay home and are only allowed to return when they feel well. If they feel that they need to stay home they may. 

We will monitor the situation nationally as well as locally to insure that we take all required measures to help our Country fight this virus and to keep our employees safe.

We appreciate your patronage during this tough and uncertain time. If you place an order with us we will work hard to fill that order as quickly as possible. A lot of it will depend on how well  the supply lines stay open. At this time , with less orders (naturally) we are filling orders much more quickly than normal. 

Praying for you and your families! Stay Safe. Staff